Not just a metaphor for us

we are true vagabonds at heart

Nowadays the term ``vagabond`` has become a popular metaphor related to people's passion for travel, however, in our case, it stands for so much more. We are not only passionate travellers but also ex-pats who have lived and worked so far in 4 countries on 2 continents. On top of that, my current job takes me regularly to various countries all across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, so I believe that the term ``vagabond`` perfectly describes my lifestyle. So far we have travelled together mainly to European destinations. Due to my work, I have visited parts of the Middle East, Africa and the US, but did not have a real chance to explore anything, just getting a glimpse. We have also lived in Toronto for a few years and were, therefore, able to explore parts of Canada. However, our bucket list is quite extensive, with Asia and South America still completely untouched. We do have a very detailed bucket list with places we definitely want to see and things we want to do and experience. We keep that for motivation and slowly move the listed locations from the ``wish`` list over to the ``been there, done that`` list and if you are interested, it can be found here.

People ask us from time to time

What kind of equipment we use?

We are no professionals, this is just a hobby for us and we are not obsessed with the need of having the newest tech or gadgets. I do a lot of research and chose solid brands to make sure that the gear we buy has long lifecycles. We use our iPhone's for on the go recordings and most pictures. When filming videos I mount the phone on a DJI gimbal and I record with the FilmicPro app. Simple editing for social media I do in Videoleap directly on my phone. When I want to capture atmosphere or emotions I unpack my Panasonic GH5, mounted on a DJI Ronin SC Gimbal. I use basically only 2 lenses, a 35mm/F0.9 prime lens from 7-Artisans with amazing dept of field and a 12mm/T2.0 Meike cinema lens. My drone is a Mavic Air, (yep, still 1st generation), I bought additional batteries and have 5 now, so I can fly actually almost 3 hrs! That's it, nothing fancy.

So, whats next on the wish list?

The Camper van project

We do not care about sports cars or fancy limousines, the idea of a camper van is what gets our blood boiling. I mean it's obvious, isn't it, a real Vaganound needs a proper carriage! Unfortunately they are so unreasonably expensive if you buy them finished up. We just bought a flat at the outskirts of London, yeah we actually decided to settle down finally, at least for now, therefore money is an issue and it will have to be a DIY project that we will pep up step by step. So, stay tuned for updates, we will report on the progress.

The painful question

How do we finance all that?

Don't ask... We used to have our own business back in our home country and for over a decade work, work, work was all we knew. In the end when we had to give that up it was somehow a revelation. At this point we set new priorities in life, embracing every day, living life to the fullest, seing as much as we can of the world. We took on jobs in other countries, moved across continents a few times and life just became truly amazing. The past twelve+ years we are all about creating beautiful memories rather than owning expensive things. We also don't do this here for monetization (although it would be great to have sponsor or two), and if you think now, hey that is cool and you would like to contribute a little, how about buying us a virtual coffee? We appreciate it as it might just help us with getting some needed equipment, supporting us to get on our next trip or we might actually just enjoy a cup of coffee somwhere on you.

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